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Explore articles on fasting, designed to deepen your understanding and enhance your spiritual journey. This page offers a comprehensive selection of writings from respected theologians and spiritual leaders, covering various aspects of biblical fasting.


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Read the influential voices in Christian literature, offering insights from renowned authors like Jentezen Franklin, Richard J. Foster, John Piper, and Arthur Wallis. Each author’s work provides unique perspectives on the spiritual discipline of fasting, exploring its biblical foundations, practical applications, and transformative effects on the believer’s life.


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Unlock the transformative power of fasting with our specialized guides focused on achieving spiritual breakthroughs. Discover how fasting can lead to greater clarity, divine guidance, and personal renewal. These resources provide inspiration and encouragement for those seeking profound spiritual growth through fasting.


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Stay energized and spiritually focused with our variety of fasting recipes. These dishes are designed to keep you nourished and satisfied, allowing you to fully embrace the spiritual benefits of biblical fasting without feeling deprived.