Pour Out God's Spirit On OKC

Join us in our desire for unity among metro churches and a singular commitment to pray for revival in Oklahoma City.

About us

The Fast 2025 is a heart collaboration of those in Oklahoma City who desire God to pour out His spirit on this city.

Pastors, business leaders and civic leaders call their people into fasting in whatever way they feel led. We, as the people of God, will be fasting for others. We will be shamelessly bold for our entrepreneurs, sister churches and political leaders.

Why Do Christians Fast?

Fasting is a profound spiritual practice deeply rooted in the Christian faith, offering believers a way to draw closer to God by creating space for prayer and reflection.

Throughout the Bible, fasting is presented as a powerful practice undertaken by many of God’s people. Jesus himself fasted forty days in the wilderness, setting an example for his followers (Matthew 4:1-2). By participating in fasting, Christians align themselves with these biblical precedents, practicing obedience and following the footsteps of their spiritual ancestors.

  • Profound spiritual practice
  • Jesus himself fasted
  • Biblical precedent

Fasting Benefits

Watch videos of previous fast participants speaking about who they were before the fast and the changes God made within them.

Contact us

Got questions or ready to participate? We’re all ears! Reach out to us today to discuss your ideas, schedule a talk, or simply say hello. We can’t wait to hear from you!